Springfield ReManufacturing Corp. (SRC)

The employees of SRC create effective business partnerships with vehicle OEM's by remanufacturing transportation products of great value for their customers.

SRC is an employee owned company. We embrace "Open Book Management" as pioneered by our founder and CEO Jack Stack (author of the Great Game of Business). We have a stake in the outcome. This is what makes our approach to business revolutionary.

We are an extension of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) in the agriculture, industrial, defense, construction, mining, commercial trucking, locomotive, marine and automotive industries. We establish mutually beneficial long-term partnerships based on trust. We do not compete with our customers by selling to the aftermarket direct. This is what makes our approach to the market unique.

We remanufacture , which means we disassemble, clean, repair, machine, replace and reassemble "used" transportation products ("core"), to their original OEM specifications. This benefits:

  • Our environment - it keeps perfectly good core out of landfills.
  • Our OEM partner - it increases sales of repair and replacement parts as well as whole goods.
  • The vehicle owner - it provides a warranted product as good or better than new, at a lower cost.

The return to "like-new" condition is what makes our products a greater value than those rebuilt or repaired.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

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